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Bachelor of Engineering-BE

A Bachelor of Engineering degree will usually be undertaken in one field of engineering, which is sometimes noted in the degree postnominals.
In India, the Bachelor of Engineering degree is a professional engineering undergraduate degree awarded after completion of four years of engineering study and research. Institutes of national importance, like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and National Institute of Technology (NIT), offer Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) degree since the courses they offer are exclusively engineering related. Some Indian universities, mainly private institutes which are affiliated to regional universities, offer engineering degree under the name of Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng); but whichever name is used, the degree course follows the standard curriculum laid down by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the University Grants Commission (India) (UGC).

Engineering fields

In general Universities offer B Tech and colleges affiliated to Universities will offer as BE, however there is no difference in the programme objectives and learning outcomes of B.E or B.Tech. Eligibility for entry is 12 years of school education. Generally the first year (first two semesters) is common to all branches, and has the same subjects of study. Courses divert after first year. The medium of instruction and examination is English.


Course commences 2nd week of July


Regular Classes : (i)3-4 days a Week , (ii) Week ends